About Arts Business Club
We fill the gap when it comes to knowledge, tools and resources to help you manage your Money, Marketing and your Business.

About Arts Business Club

Commercial thinking for creative people

The Arts Business Club gives you access to useful templates and tools in the areas of money, marketing and managing your business. From supporting and being present on arts boards, we often see clear gaps in the way creative businesses are being run. Working with various arts-based organisations and freelancers, we spotted a lack of resources available to support the creative sector.

Without the right approach, creative businesses are in danger of not being able to compete in this increasingly competitive sector. As a result, this poses a great risk to preventing such businesses doing what they love. Due to 35 years of direct experience working with freelancers and arts organisations, we have seen how creative businesses prosper when managed using a commercial approach. We realised that we had access to a wealth of knowledge that could support these businesses to grow and achieve success.

The Arts Business Club provides affordable, commercially focused resources to support the creative sector.

The Arts Business Club is supported by two sister companies – Proactive Resolutions accountancy firm and Knowledge Grab, an online course provider. This combination of skills and expertise has created the bedrock of information and tools on this website.

We welcome you to join us as a member today.

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