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Useful resources for managing your money in the creative sector

Whether it’s a global financial crisis or a national economic downturn, the arts sector tends to be hit the hardest. Therefore, money management is a big priority. Having a stable cash flow will help you apply for funding and attract investment. Being able to make sound financial decisions on an ongoing basis will enable you to prosper. By managing your finances carefully, you will stay afloat in an uncertain economic climate.

If you’re a freelancer or an arts organisation, our tools will help you manage your cash flow, so you’re not always at breaking point. Discover how to create a stable cash flow to sustain future growth. Learn how to budget and generate income through fundraising and membership schemes. Create stronger credit control systems and better sales and invoicing processes.

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Our money tools and guides will help you control your budget and your cash flow, as well as helping you find new ways to generate and manage your income.
  • Accounting, tax & VAT
  • Generating income
  • Credit control
  • Budgeting
  • Invoices, sales & purchase orders
  • Fundraising & charitable giving
  • Membership management
  • Cash flow

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Managing your money

Cash Flow and Starting to Budget

Click the link below to download our audio file – Cash Flow and Starting to Budget…


Budgetary Control Management Accounting

Click the link below to download our audio file – Budgetary Control Management Accounting…


Accounting and Tax

Click the link below to download our audio file – Accounting and Tax…


Generating Income – Membership Management

If you’re running a charity or a non-incorporated organisation, having a membership can help support the business…

Credit Control – Sales, Purchase Orders And Delivery

Most financial transactions start off with the transfer of goods or services from one business (or person) to another. This usually begins with an order…

Credit Control – Invoices and Credit

Once goods have been ordered and delivered, the next step in the process is for the company selling the goods to send an invoice, which is, in effect, a request for payment…

Accounting and Tax – Cash Flow

Many businesses fail because they don’t pay attention to their cash flow. On paper, the business may be profitable…

Accounting and Tax – National Insurance

When employing staff, the employer is required to pay employer’s National Insurance to HMRC…

Budgeting – Budget Template

Click the link below to view or download a sample of our overhead budget template and cash flow forecast…

Budgeting – Budgeting Process

There are a number of well-documented factors determining organisation success, client satisfaction, good service delivery, motivated workforce, good management etc. Underlying al…

Generating Income – Charitable Giving

There are many charities set up solely to issue grants to other charities. These are usually grants for a specific project that fits the criteria of the grant provider—and they often have to be match funded from other sources…

Generating Income – Fundraising

Raising funds is of constant importance for not for profit organisations, and these can come from a variety of sources…

Budgetary Control – Cost And Management Accounting

Financial accounting is used to record the financial transactions of a business and produces year-end reports showing the historical financial position. This information is used for published company…

Accounting And Tax – VAT

Businesses (or self-employed individual) must register for UK VAT if their sales / income is in excess of a limit set each year by the government in the budget, for example for 2018 it is currently £85,000…

Accounting And Tax – Tax And Compliance

The general areas of taxation that businesses may be liable for in UK are shown below and include: VAT, Income tax, National Insurance, Corporation tax…