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Marketing for the creative sector

Attract and engage your market

Marketing for the creative sector relies on knowing your target market and audience. By creating a diverse marketing mix, you will increase your reach and find new leads. A confident, innovative approach to your marketing will result in new customers. Choosing the right media and channels, and creating targeted marketing messages, are the building blocks for a successful marketing campaign. This starts with the way you present your business from a brand viewpoint.

What are your brand values?

Your brand should embrace the culture and ethos of your organisation – why are you doing what you do? This will shape your brand values and your ‘corporate narrative’ – the way you communicate your purpose to your people and the outside world. It’s important to create a clear visual identity – this will help to persuade people to invest their time and money in your offering.

Arts Business Club provides you with a range of marketing resources. This includes helping you get the most out of advertising, how to manage your reputation and raise your profile (Public Relations), and how to run successful promotional campaigns. Access current information on social media channels, direct mail and email marketing, as well as event management. Learn effective customer relationship marketing, as well as how to schedule marketing activity to save you time and in-house resources.

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